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We’re the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors and we’re committed to providing support for plumbing and heating contractors and helping our members run successful plumbing and heating businesses.

We are a membership organisation owned and run by our members for our members. We’re also a not for profit organisation and invest every penny that we receive back into our organisation for the direct benefit of each and every member.

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APHC has been supporting plumbing and heating businesses for over 90 years

We’re proud of our heritage, but as a modern trade association we are forward looking and committed to providing our members with proactive and timely advice and support. If you’re based in England or Wales you could be eligible to join and gain the recognition you deserve.


Being a member of APHC helps reassure customers of your professionalism

As all members are vetted and their competency checked, the APHC logo can be used as an independent ‘stamp of approval’ to visually differentiate yourself from competitors and rogue traders. Members can also use a consumer focussed flyer which explains the benefits of instructing an APHC member.

Licensed membership

Gain technical and business support and use the APHC logo as an independent stamp of approval.

Certification schemes

We operate a Microgeneration Certification Scheme and a Competent Persons Scheme to self-certify plumbing and heating work under Building Regulations.

Legionella inspection scheme

Demonstrate your compliance with the Code of Practice.

WaterSafe scheme

Promote your compliance with the Water Fittings Regulations.

Professional plumbing training courses

We deliver cost effective plumbing training courses.

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Joining APHC ensures you have professional support to help you be successful and prosper in an ever competitive and regulated market.

Once a plumbing and heating company becomes a member, generally we find they remain members for the duration of their careers.

If you would like to know more about the support available, please watch this 90 second video or speak to us directly on 0121 711 5030.