Competent Person Scheme

Competent Persons Schemes for Plumbers

The Competent Persons Scheme was introduced by the Department for Levelling Up Housing & Communities, to enable companies to self-certify plumbing and heating works that fall under the scope of Building Regulations. Self certification provides a much more cost effective route compared with the alternative of notifying work through local building control bodies.

Competent Persons Scheme for Plumbers

To self-certify plumbing and heating work companies must become certified Competent Persons Scheme installers through a Competent Persons Scheme Certification Body such as APHC.

Plumbing and heating companies can join our scheme provided they meet the scheme requirements as outlined in the scheme documents, available to download below.

Following completion of the initial application form, the assessment process has two parts:

1. Desktop evaluation of the company management system. A pre-check to confirm company readiness for its assessment under the scheme. Information on company procedures will need to be provided via email for us to conduct our online evaluation.

2. On-site assessment of installed work areas. You will be assessed on your competence to install each of the technical work areas that you have applied for. The company will need to show one example of an installation for each work area it wishes to be certified to install.

Once approved, companies will have the ability to install and self-certify a range of permitted plumbing and heating works under the Competent Persons Scheme to Building Regulations from £2.95 plus VAT per online notification. Members also benefit from access to the range of free and discounted business support services – click here.

Scope of work areas:

 • Installation of Oil Fired Heating covering:
– Oil Fired, Pressure Jet Appliances
– Oil Fired, Vapourising Appliances
– Oil Storage Tanks & Supply Pipelines
• Solid Fuel Heating
• Biomass Boilers
• Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps
• Solar Hot Water

• Installation of Heating & Hot Water Supply Systems, inc.
  Unvented Hot Water Systems
• Installation of Cold Water Supply Systems, inc.
  Water Efficient Taps & Showers covering:
– Wholesome & Softened Wholesome Water Supply
– Installation of Recycled Water Supply & Bathrooms inc. Flush Mechanism
– Toilets, Sinks, Washbasins, Fixed Baths, Showers or Bathrooms in Dwellings

Scheme Documents:

1. Competent Person Scheme application form: You will need to complete, sign and return this to APHC Certification Ltd. with all outlined supporting information. This certification fees document outlines any additional charges associated with accreditation.

2. Guidance for applications: This details the evidence requirements that you will need to provide as part of your application for the Competent Persons Scheme.

3.  Certification schemes rules: This outlines the rules of the Competent Persons Scheme which each company must comply with including company operating requirements, processes and procedures that must be in place.

4. This is the Competent Persons Scheme customer charter which lays down a minimum trading standard to be operated by all companies as part of the Scheme.

In addition to the Competent Persons Scheme, companies can also join the Microgeneration Certification scheme.

If you’d like to speak directly to the APHC membership team, contact us on : Tel: 0121 711 5030 or request a call back below.