Consumer Advice Guides

Plumbing & Heating Consumer Advice Guides

Our consumer plumbing and heating advice guides have been produced to provide basic information to homeowners on a range of plumbing and heating topics. The guides have been written specifically for consumers in a user friendly language. You can bookmark this page for future reference or print off individual guides and retain them for future use. Please click on the document icon to open the document, or right click ‘save as’.

Your guide to selecting the right installer

This guide provides basic information on selecting the right plumbing and heating engineer for your work requirements.

Selecting a Plumbing & Heating Contractor

Your guides to safety and emergencies

These guides have been prepared to assist homeowners in ensuring the continued safety of plumbing and heating systems and the actions to take in the event of an emergency situation.

Preparing for
Cold Weather
Dealing with
Dangers of Carbon Monoxide
Dealing with

Your guides to conventional plumbing and heating systems

These guides have been produced to assist homeowners in their basic understanding of plumbing and heating systems.

Understanding Heating Systems
Maintaining Plumbing & Heating Systems
Dealing with System Corrosion
Understanding Cold Water Systems
Understanding Hot Water Systems
Solar Thermal
Hot Water
Understanding Biomass Appliances
Understanding Sanitary Systems
Understanding Heat Pumps