Why Use An APHC Member

Why use an APHC registered installer?

APHC members are qualified and professional businesses who are committed to high standards of workmanship and high levels of customer service. Only those plumbing and heating businesses that have passed our quality assurance criteria are accepted as an APHC member.

An APHC member must comply with industry standards including Building Regulations, Water Regulations and appropriate British Standards. It is compulsory that APHC members operate a customer complaints procedure designed to achieve an amicable resolution to customer complaints and they must adhere to the APHC Customer Charter, which sets out the minimum trading standard requirements when dealing with customers.

Core requirements against which an APHC member is vetted:

  • The business must comply with the requirements laid down in the ‘APHC Membership Schemes Rules’
  • The business will carry out its trading activities to the minimum standards laid down in the ‘APHC Customer Charter’
  • The business will investigate any customer complaints to the minimum standards laid down in the ‘APHC Minimum Requirements for a Customer Complaints Procedure’.
  • The business will provide full contact details on all relevant communications with customers including written correspondence, quotations, invoices and electronic communication.
  • The business will ensure that appropriate levels of insurance are in place commensurate with the business activities – minimum £2M of public liability must be maintained at all times and minimum £5M of employer’s liability must be maintained at all times (if staff are employed).
  • The business will ensure that only competent operatives are employed to undertake plumbing & heating work.
  • In addition selected APHC members have additional accreditations under the following schemes:

    Water Regulations Approved Contractor Scheme

    Certain types of plumbing work must be notified to the local water company prior to work taking place and on completion, compliance certification issued. Selected APHC members are accredited under the Water Regulations Approved Contractor Scheme and are accredited to undertake work on hot and cold water systems in properties against the Requirements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. They notify the local water company prior to work taking place and on completion, a compliance certification is issued. APHC is also a participant in the overarching WaterSafe initiative.

    Competent Persons Scheme for Plumbers

    These businesses are accredited by APHC (Certification) Ltd and have the ability to self-certify work as compliant with the Building Regulations. APHC Members approved under the competent persons scheme can issue compliance certificates confirming that work is compliant with Building Regulations, eliminating the need for notification through a local authority. Under Competent Persons Self-Certification Schemes, the certifying body is required to ensure that financial protection is in place to cover defective workmanship that is non-compliant.

    Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

    These businesses are accredited by APHC (Certification) Ltd. under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) scheme to install a range of microgeneration technologies including; solar thermal, heat pumps and biomass. Installation work is vetted against the requirements of a range of quality standards operated under the scheme.

    Find an APHC Member

    You can find qualified and professional plumbing and heating engineers in your area from hundreds of approved APHC members on our find an APHC member search engine.