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All APHC members are vetted*

We are a membership organisation for only professional and qualified plumbers and heating engineers in England and Wales. Therefore, you’re in the right place if you are looking for a qualified and reliable plumber or heating engineer as all of our APHC members are vetted before they are approved.

*Please note, the checks we make are only to guarantee the technical competency of our members and to ensure they adhere to the APHC Ltd. Customer Charter. You may wish to conduct further checks of your own.

Why use an APHC member?

All APHC members are qualified and professional plumbers and heating engineers who are committed to delivering high standards of workmanship and unrivalled levels of customer service. Only plumbing and heating companies that have passed APHC’s strict quality assurance criteria are accepted as a member.

APHC members must:

  • Comply with Building Regulations standards
  • Comply with Water Regulations standards
  • Comply with appropriate British standards
  • Operate a customer complaints procedure
  • Adhere to the APHC Ltd. Customer Charter, which sets out the minimum trading standard requirements when dealing with customers.

Find an APHC Member

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APHC Consumer complaint process - for your peace of mind!

Unfortunately, even though your chosen plumber or heating contractor is an APHC member, as a consumer you may feel that the work carried out does not comply to the relevant standards, you can follow the APHC Consumer Complaint Process to try and resolve any issues that have arisen and we can mediate on behalf of both parties to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution.