APHC backs World Plumbing Day 2021

World Plumbing Day is celebrated internationally on 11 March every year and is an opportunity to recognise the important work that plumbers do to maintain and improve the health and safety of communities all over the world.

We often forget how blessed we are to live in a country where clean drinking water can be accessed via a tap and our waste can be flushed away and treated appropriately.

Through ongoing communications to our members and beyond, we hope to educate the general public about the true value of using a licensed plumber, particularly from a health and safety perspective, and how keeping our homes and families safe should be at the forefront when considering DIY plumbing work in the home.

When speaking to your customers, it is important that they are aware that by using an unlicensed plumber they may be putting their home and family at risk as they may not comply with important regulations.

With recent reports maintaining a high number of cases of the deadly bacteria, legionella, in the UK, there is no better time for the public to understand how important using licensed contractors to install and maintain their water services is.

The easiest way to ensure their plumbing work is completed safely and complies with the industry standard is to source local, qualified and APHC backed plumbers at www.FindAQualityPlumber.co.uk.

We hope that as an industry, we’ll get behind World Plumbing Day and help shine a light on the many highly qualified and proficient professionals that we have in our industry who help keep people of the UK healthy and safe.