APHC Partners With National Highways To Promote Work-Related Road Safety

The Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC), a not-for-profit trade body for the plumbing and heating industry in England and Wales, are proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Driving for Better Business (DfBB), a Programme developed by National Highways. This partnership highlights APHC’s commitment to supporting its members when it comes to driving for work and work-related road safety.

The vast majority of the Plumbing and Heating industry will drive for work, making it crucial to promote work-related road safety. This partnership enables APHC to be actively engaged in improving work-related road safety and risk management.

By partnering with DfBB, APHC can provide its members with access to the National Highways Van Driver Toolkit and all DfBB resources free of charge. The toolkit will help members implement best practices for reducing costs, improving operating conditions, ensuring safe and legal vehicles, and promoting the well-being of their drivers.

John Thompson, CEO of APHC, stated, “Driving commercial vehicles is an everyday part of working life for much of the workforce in the plumbing and heating industry. By developing our strategic partnership with Driving for Better Business, we hope to encourage those who drive for work to do so safely. We aim to work with our members to provide guidance for all those who drive for work, reduce work-related road risk, and help our member businesses better understand the benefits of managing work-related road risk more effectively.”

This strategic partnership will help APHC members access useful resources to help reduce work-related road risk and create safer roads for all. The partnership demonstrates APHC’s commitment to promoting work-related road safety and provides its members with the necessary tools and resources to manage work-related road risk more effectively.

APHC members can find out more about this new partnership by logging into the members only area of the APHC website: Member Area – APHC

Further information on APHC membership benefits can be found on the APHC website: Become an APHC Member | Join APHC | Membership Benefits

For more information on the Driving for Better Business initiative visit: Home – Driving for Better Business