APHC Welcomes New President

The Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC) is proud to introduce Mr. Andy Baxter as the newly appointed President of the Association. The inauguration ceremony took place at this year’s InstallerSHOW, marking the beginning of a two-year term. This momentous occasion was made possible in collaboration with Installer, a valued partner of APHC.

During the ceremony, President Baxter expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to take up this position and his excitement for the industry’s transition towards renewable heat and hot water. With his vast experience and expertise, Andy is well-equipped to help guide the Association through the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolving landscape of the plumbing and heating industry.

Andy’s journey in the industry spans over four decades, rooted in a family tradition of coal merchants. He commenced his career as an apprentice with British Gas in 1979, eventually establishing his own business, High Efficiency Heating (HEHUK), in 2004. Under his leadership, HEHUK has grown to serve over 10,000 customers and employs a dedicated team of 18 professionals. Andy’s commitment to excellence is evident in HEHUK’s emphasis on customer satisfaction, offering annual servicing to maintain lasting relationships.

The decision to assume the role of APHC President was motivated by Andy’s belief in the power of collective action through trade associations. Andy aims to work with APHC to help shape the industry and ensure the plumbing and heating sector remains trustworthy in the eyes of customers.

Andy has already emphasised the need for improvements in new entrant training and apprenticeship programs and has stressed the importance of incentivising small businesses to invest in apprenticeship training. Additionally, Andy acknowledged the far-reaching implications of achieving net-zero targets and the challenges associated with transitioning to renewable technologies.

APHC is actively working towards simplifying accreditation processes to encourage the industry’s advancement and Andy has a keen focus on reducing the bureaucratic burden associated with policy paperwork and the need for streamlined business accreditation requirements for installing renewable technologies.

APHC and its directors are confident Andy will be a great Ambassador for the organisation and the wider industry. His dedication to the well-being of the plumbing and heating sector, coupled with APHC’s commitment to modernisation and adaptability, will drive positive change in the industry.

APHC PresidentAPHC Welcomes New President

APHC New President

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If you would like to find out more about APHC please visit: www.aphc.co.uk

Watch the ceremony here: APHC announces Andy Baxter new president – YouTube