Breaking down written statements of employment

As of last year, all employers are required to provide a written statement of terms and conditions to all workers, including casual workers and some contractors and consultants (not just employees).

This is known as a ‘written statement of employment particulars’, and all employees are legally entitled to one. This is not an employment contract but will outline the main conditions of employment.

This consists of the main document (principle statement), which must be provided on the employee’s start date, and a wider written statement which must be provided within two months of the employees start date.

If these aren’t provided and an employee is successful in bringing some other tribunal claim such as wrongful dismissal, they may be entitled to two weeks’ pay for a failure to provide a written statement to them. So bear that in mind.

Don’t get caught out by this legal requirement when you start to take on new staff.

At APHC we’ve developed a model contract for plumbing operatives to help get you started in the right direction.

This template and all of the information you need on your APHC membership benefits can be accessed via the members only area of the website.

APHC members also have access to a professional legal helpline from our partner Croner, designed specifically for providing detailed advice on topics such as this. This expert team is available to take your call and give you practical aid and guidance.

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