elemental Webinar – An introduction to Future Leaders

APHC is sponsoring an upcoming webinar by elemental on a new initiative that hopes to promote the next generation of leaders and influencers within the industry, which is due to take place on Tuesday 9 March at 1pm.

Titled ‘Future Leaders’, this plumbing and heating initiative is targeted at those who will ultimately be responsible for ensuring the ongoing success of low carbon targets and overall sustainability in the years to come.

It’s hoped that this leadership development programme will ensure that our industry has the right people in place to promote low carbon technologies and the key role they will play in the green economy.

Completely free of charge, click the below link to join us for this no-cost panel discussion on how we can meet the needs of a changing world and deal with the emerging green skills gap head on:

An introduction to Future Leaders Tickets, Tue 9 Mar 2021 at 13:00 | Eventbrite