Free Support for Construction Workers

A free and confidential helpline for construction industry workers.

Men working in the construction industry are three times more likely to die by suicide than the national average for men according to a study conducted by Mates in Mind. Suicide now kills more construction workers than falls every year, with 2 people working in construction losing their lives to suicide every day. In addition to this, 83% have experienced a mental health issue and 91% have felt overwhelmed.

Working in the construction industry comes with a specific set of pressures for workers and as a male dominated industry this creates a culture which seems to stop workers from reaching out for help for their mental health. 56% of construction professionals work for an organisation with no mental health policies in place which further adds to a stigma around mental health and prevents workers from discussing their problems.

It is really important that employers and individuals realise that mental health is a real priority and that we should all be working towards the continuous support of the mental health and wellbeing of construction workers.

Encouraging construction workers to talk about any problems they are struggling with is the first big step towards a positive change within the industry and The Construction Industry Helpline, run by The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, offers a free and confidential 24/7 helpline for workers in the construction industry and their families.

According to The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity every year there are over 82,000 new cases of work-related illnesses that can be directly attributed to working in construction. Their helpline is aimed at those who need access to a range of completely confidential support services and acts as a first point of contact for those who need emotional, physical, and financial support.

This service offers construction workers, or someone in their family, the opportunity to chat with a trained volunteer and share their thoughts and feelings, whether it’s feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, suicidal, or simply struggling with everyday life.

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity also run a free 24/7 text service for those who would feel more comfortable texting rather than talking and have a Helpline App that offers free resources and self-help tools that can be accessed at any time.

Services like those provided by The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity are of vital importance to the industry and will make a real difference to the lives of those working within construction.

The Construction Industry Helpline:

UK: 0345 605 1956

ROI: 1800 939 122


UK: HARDHAT to 85258

ROI: HARDHAT to 50808

The Construction Industry Helpline App:

Search: Construction Industry Helpline


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