Guest Blog: Premierline – What is the most common insurance claim in the plumbing & heating industry?

Perhaps unsurprisingly the most common claim in the Plumbing & Heating industry is escape of water claims (‘EOW’)

Escape of water can be described as water from the mains water supply system escaping from a pipe, tank, appliance, into the property. In comparison, other forms of water damage can be caused by river flooding, coastal flooding and storm damage.

The Insurance Times reported that household water leak claims were up by more than 30% in Q1 2021.

What causes EOW claims?

There are several reasons why water damage has such a high claims frequency in the UK, including:

  • The increasing number of appliances which use water in residential properties
  • Varying water pressures
  • Multi-occupancy properties
  • Poor workmanship and the competence of installing contractors
  • Aging systems
  • Modern methods of construction using materials with increased vulnerability to water damage

How can APHC members protect against claims?

Clearly, you’ll aim to carry out work to the highest standard for each of your clients, but things do sometimes go wrong. You can limit the chance of a claim being brought against you by the following advice:

  1. Ensure all employed contractors are competent / skilled
  2. New installations should be suitably pressure tested in accordance with relevant regulations
  3. Check the area you’re working on for any defective plumbing and ensure suitable repairs are undertaken

Business Insurance for APHC members

Make sure you and your business are properly protected with adequate Business Insurance in case any claims are brought against you.

APHC Insurance Services offers a range of insurance products exclusively available for APHC members. These tailored insurance products have been specifically designed for plumbing and heating contractors.

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