Make sure your business is covered with the right insurance

We all love saving money where we can, but did you know that cutting costs on your business insurance could lead to your business not having the levels of cover that you need?

It can often be difficult to see the value of insurance when typically the interactions with your insurance provider involves paying for expensive documents you receive once a year, but insurance in itself gives the security and peace of mind that you are protected in the event that something unexpected should happen. That’s why it’s important to have the right insurance in place to fully protect your business activities and your livelihood.

APHC insurance services can provide you with an insurance package which has been designed for plumbing and heating contractors just like you.

Here is a quick guide to some of the ways that you can find the right price for your business insurance, without compromising on insurance cover with APHC Insurance Services.

Speak to a professional

By speaking to an insurance professional at APHC Insurance Services, you’ll be able to discuss your insurance needs and get advice on the different insurance covers that can protect all aspects of your business. They’ll be on hand to assist with any queriesyou have whilst keeping the terms and conditions of your policy easy to understand.

Just some of the specific covers they can advise on include:

  • Public liability (including heat work) up to £5m
  • Defective workmanship cover
  • Inefficacy included as standard
  • Financial loss up to £250k
  • Employers’ liability to £10m (or up to £25m)

Be prepared to dig out additional information

When speaking with APHC Insurance Services it’s your responsibility to make sure you make a fair presentation of the risk before you take out an insurance policy. Tell them about any additional measures you’ve implemented in your business, for instance, safety training or qualifications your staff have passed to demonstrate how low risk you are as a business. 

Explore additional covers

It is estimated that 40% of businesses in the UK are underinsured, which means that their business insurance won’t cover the total cost in the event a claim is made against their business. Part of the reason that businesses are underinsured is that they are not aware of some of the more specialist covers required, such as Heat Cover, Tools Cover, Contract Works or Professional Indemnity which may be required to cover your business activities.

Insurance with APHC Insurance Services

APHC members can rest easy knowing your insurance needs have been fully assessed by the advisors at APHC Insurance Services, simply contact them on 0330 100 2159 or by emailing

For further information on talking advantage of this great member benefit, if your not in membership then you can arrange speak to one of our membership advisers at