New President promises to spread the virtues of APHC membership

In his inaugural speech as the President of the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors, Richard Perrins spoke about the reasons why he believes installers and manufacturers should be a member of APHC and how he intends to spread the word regarding the benefits of APHC membership.

Speaking at the APHC President’s Dinner on 6 July, Richard Perrins opened his speech by thanking the APHC Board of Directors and Members for the support shown towards his Presidency, and he went on to say: “This year, in my industry ambassador role, I will champion the merits of APHC membership for plumbers, heating engineers, industry manufacturers and industry suppliers.

“APHC membership can reassure customers regarding professionalism, it can assist with complying with building regulations and water regulations, we have collective lobbying power to influence change and collective buying power to offer discounts on products and services, and we facilitate industry discussion, offer training and provide training rewards to assist with raising industry standards.

“The plumbing and heating industry is constantly evolving and APHC members have access to a suite of technical and business related guides and the quarterly Hot & Cold magazine features technical articles and business updates, plus members have access to a free legal advice phone line and technical advice phone line which offer advice on anything from a legal dispute to a technical query regarding an installation or advice on complying with regulation. Regarding new or changing regulations, APHC proactively provides timely information and advice to assist members with understanding what will be required from them and by when.

“Ultimately, I know that APHC provides the best kind of professional support that can help members run successful and prosperous businesses in what is an ever competitive and regulated market.”

The dinner also raised £320 for Macmillan Cancer Care through signing guests up to join the Saddleworth & District Ferret Breeders and Turnip Growers Association (Affiliated) which was set-up in 1995 as a novel way to raise money for charity which over the years has raised thousands of pounds for Macmillan Cancer Care. Membership costs £5 and all members receive a Saddleworth & District Ferret Breeders and Turnip Growers Association (Affiliated) car sticker.

Richard resides in Saddleworth and has been an APHC Director since 2009.

Further information about APHC and the benefits of membership can be found at