Plumbing Pensions Employer Company looking to appoint a new Chair

The Plumbing & Mechanical (UK) Industry Pension Scheme are now looking to appoint a Non-Executive Independent Chair to lead the new Employer Company that will be set up with effect from the autumn of 2022.

This new company will be responsible for the appointment of the Employer Nominated Trustee Directors, representing the interests of all participating employers in the Scheme and to undertake the role of lead employer. The intention is for three other directors to be appointed to the Employer Company in the autumn, joining the independent Chair and a SNIPEF nominated director.

This is an exciting opportunity for an individual who has experience in bringing together different parties to help design a structure that will be integral to how the Scheme works. Its an important, unique and interesting role that’s pivotal to the success of the pension scheme’s new governance framework.

The role calls for an experienced independent Chairperson with proven skills of bringing together different stakeholders in a collaborative manner and the ability to earn the trust of the participating employers, the Constituent Organisations and the Trustee Board, and to represent the diverse employer profile of the Scheme.

This role is home based unless attending meetings, if held in person, the meetings will initially be held in the pension Scheme’s office in Edinburgh. Term of office will be 4 years with the possibility to extend up to a maximum of 12 years.

The role will require you to attend two board meetings per annum plus availability for ad hoc update calls. It is anticipated that in the first year, there will be a need for greater time commitment to help establish the Employer Company, communicate with the relevant stakeholders, and implement a governance framework. There is therefore likely to be a requirement for an average of 1 day a week for the early part of the role, reducing to an average of 2 days per month once established.

Closing date for applications is 5pm on Wednesday 31 August 2022.

Interviews will be held during September 2022.

To find out more about this role you can download a full job description and personal specification using the link below.