The benefits of joining an industry association

Industry trade associations play important roles in providing input to policy makers, providing networking opportunities to its members, giving a voice to the industry when it comes to new legislation, and providing relevant tools such as best practices to that particular industry.

But why join one?

In truth, there are a vast range of benefits that come from joining a trade association like APHC, which we explore below in greater detail.

Build trust with potential customers
In any trade, it can be tricky to give potential customers that peace of mind that you’ll provide a quality service without having done any work with them yet. You need that initial trust-factor to secure business and get the ball rolling.

Being a member of a reputable trade association provides exactly that. When comparing tradespeople, customers tend to look for some form of certification or ‘proof’ that you’re trustworthy, and upon seeing that you’re a member of a trade association, get that confirmation that you are part of a group of reliable, professional people.

Stay in the loop
Whether it’s industry-specific like Building Regulations, or something broader like COVID-19 guidelines, rules are forever changing. So too are plumbing practices, with innovative technology, safer equipment or just new ways of thinking. Obviously, it’s important that businesses and tradespeople don’t fall behind with regards to these changes. But how do you keep up to date? Trade associations provide all the latest information, regulations and updates with bulletins, newsletters and printed guides.

Save money
Let’s not forget the value of all these services! Trade associations can provide free advice on legal and financial matters which would cost a hefty sum elsewhere. Members can also access special rates on other specialist services, such as insurance or training, which can help cut back on expenditure.

Make a difference
By working with your industry association, you give it more influence and leverage. The association is only as strong as its members. With passionate, dedicated industry members, your association will thrive and ultimately have the ability to do even more for the industry. Consider becoming a member; by supporting the association, you give it the power to support you.

Next steps…

For more reasons on why you should consider joining a trade association like APHC, check out our licensed membership page or get in touch with the membership sales team on 0121 711 5030.