QPW21 Stories

Quality Plumber Week 2021 Stories

Rather than focus on the negative aspects of COVID, for Quality Plumber Week 2021 we wanted to champion the plumbers that are committed to delivering high standards of workmanship and unrivalled levels of customer service despite the circumstances.

Here are just a few of those positive Quality Plumber Week stories that you shared with us in 2021:

Quality plumbing isn’t just fitting a nice boiler or correcting a running tap. Quality plumbing is getting thrown into a situation that’s well out of most people’s comfort zones and adapting your skills to overcome the issues at hand.

Back in 2012 I was given the Mechanical Technicians position at the Newest British Antarctic Survey base Halley 6 which opened officially when I was overseeing the plumbing onboard – I was overseeing all sorts from getting water to getting sewage out and everything in between. We had power issues, which was not fun when it’s minus 40°C outside and we often had to improvise as we were essentially abandoned from help or assistance from April until November as the Antarctic winter makes help impossible.

We got the job done and had a successful season in Antarctica and I left after handing over to the next poor soul who quickly realised what he’d let himself in for!

Quality plumbing is also about passing skills on. I taught for 2 years from 2001-2003 in Namibia under some of the most challenging conditions imaginable.

I was massively rewarded for this in the experiences I had and the skill base it presented me with. I’ve adapted my skillset from what I initially set out with as an apprentice plumber at A&L King Builders ltd, Auchterarder in January 1994.

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