Guest Blog: Capital Fleet – Selecting the right vehicle for your business

Whether you’re running an established plumbing business or looking to set up a new one, the daily tasks of operation can be time consuming. In business we constantly rely on specialists to help with functions such as Accountants, Solicitors, IT, Marketing etc., so why not for such an important purchase as a company vehicle.  Worrying about your company vehicle may not seem like a major decision, but with hundreds of models, set up and financing options available, it can become a minefield and cause unnecessary stress. Capital Fleet Solutions is a full vehicle set up and financing partner, and we’re often asked by our customers to use our specialists skills to source vehicles. With more than 30 years’ experience in supplying, setting-up, branding and financing vehicles within the franchise market, we’re very familiar with what’s required, current trends and vehicle availability.

We’ve put together a handy guide to highlight some key areas you could consider when looking for a vehicle, van or fleet.

Where to start

There is quite a lot to consider from working out which vehicle fits your requirements, how to finance and organise it, as well as all the branding and internal requirements. When we get enquiries about vehicles, these are the kinds of questions that we normally ask:

  • Type – Common things to think about are:
    1. Do you need a large or small Van?
    2. How much space do you need for equipment?
    3. How many miles will you be travelling on a daily/monthly basis?
    4. Will you mostly be travelling short/long journeys?
    5. Are the journeys mostly on motorways, rural or city locations?
    6. Do you have a preference for petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric?
  • Purpose – As a plumbing business there are certain aspects to consider which could affect the vehicle you go for:
    1. Are you visiting homes, building sites or rural locations? If so, parking accessibility and size may be a consideration here.
    2. Will you be transporting heavy loads?
    3. What tools and equipment do you need? This will affect the internal and external set up that you require for example pipe tubes.
    4. Are you working during the night, will you need rear working lights?
    5. How often will you be unloading/loading equipment or goods during your normal daily work?
    6. Do you have any accessibility needs?

All these answers will affect the make, model, fuel type, wheelbase and available load space. It’s worth giving it some thought before you speak to someone, but obviously any partner you choose to work with should ask these types of questions to make sure you’re getting the best vehicle for your business needs.

In terms of the types of vehicles available, here’s a quick overview of some of the most common vehicles we deal with at Capital Fleet Solutions that you may want to look into:

Ford Transit Van

A classic, the Ford Transit is one of the best-known vans on the market, and there’s a reason for that. Flexibility in options and spec, you can get a model with more seats, leather interior, more gadgets, or even intelligent All-Wheel Drive.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

A comfortable cabin, powerful engine options and masses of load space. Fantastic standard spec and a robust internal structure, ideal for regular use. Comes in a four-wheel drive version, and an all-electric version, the e-Sprinter.

Peugeot Partner Van

With only two body lengths, The Peugeot Partner is a more compact solution. This van also has an all-electric version. A great turning circle, fantastic handling and manoeuvrability.

Volkswagen Transporter Van

The VW Transporter has gadgets, tech and definite style. Great extras as standard such as a Bluetooth-enabled touchscreen, DAB radio and BlueMotion. Good room at the back as well, so it’s super practical and functional. There is also an all-electric version.

These are all popular choices and worth considering, but of course not the full range available and we can supply any make or model of vehicle to suit your business.

As much as you need marketing, financial or HR support, finding the right partner when it comes to fleet and vehicle set up is just as important and can save you valuable time and effort. Leasing a vehicle can be a costly and time-consuming task, so feel free to call us for a no obligation chat and let us take the hassle out of setting up, branding, financing and sourcing your vehicle.

Email the team at or call 01329 756373.


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