Attract customers by being an APHC member

We’ve previously touched upon the topic of joining industry associations and the benefits they can offer your business, so this time we’re going to focus on the reasons why being an APHC member can help you to grow your customer base.

When you become a member of an industry association like APHC, it sends a message. It immediately distinguishes you from rogue traders and as all of our members are regularly vetted and their competency checked.

We’ve produced marketing materials such as these flyers exclusively for APHC members to share with their potential customers, and spread the word on the benefits of utilising their services.

They highlight the key values of being an APHC member, for instance, every business must:

      • Comply with the requirements as laid down in the APHC Membership Schemes Rules.
      • Carry out their trading activities to the minimum standards as laid down in the APHC Customer Charter.
      • Investigate a customer complaint to the standards as laid down in the APHC Minimum Requirements for a Customer Complaints Procedure.
      • Provide full contact details on all relevant communications with customers including written correspondence, quotations, invoices and electronic communications.
      • Ensure that appropriate levels of insurance are in place commensurate with the business activities. A minimum of £2M worth of public liability must be maintained at all times and a minimum of £5M employer’s liability must be maintained at all times where staff are employed.
      • Ensure that only competent operatives are employed to undertake plumbing and heating work.

All the information you need on your APHC membership benefits can be accessed via the members only area of the website.

If you’re not already a member of APHC, get in touch with the membership sales team on 0121 711 5030 for more information.